"The Cosmic Tatyana Larina"


  • Alexander Rekunenko
  • Ludmila Reznik


Painting "The Cosmic Tatyana Larina", Alexander Rekunenko

 Russia is a "principality of the Mother of God" as one of the countries overshadowed by the High Feminine Principle. Is it not for this reason that the Great Russian literature is great, first, thanks to highly spiritual images of women? Marya Morevna, Vasilisa the Wise, Nasten’ka from "A scarlet flower" (a very esoteric writing by Aksakov), Nastasya Filippovna, the feminine images created by Leo Tolstoy… And Tatyana Larina, of course...



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Painting "The Unknown God"


  • Alexander Rekunenko
  • Ludmila Reznik


Painting 'The Unknown God', A. Rekunenko

When in Athens the apostle Paul has found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Later, in the Athenian Areopagus, he said that it was that God that he declared everywhere.

The Mahatmas affirm that THE UNKNOWN GOD is none other than Sanat Kumara – the One Initiator. He is legendary Prometheus who has endowed humanity with the mental principle: the Fire of Mind and Manas. He is the Founder of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet headed by Bodhisattva Maitreya. According to the Abrahamic interpretation, the Messiah is the Christ. Sanat Kumara is really God the Father, Sabaoth, the Ancient of days, the King of Kings, the planetary Logos but for all that Eternal Youth.

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A man's longing for the Holy Spirit

1 October, 1984
  • Terskol (near Elbrus)
  • The Caucasus


 Here is the one whom we women had been struggling with for centuries, for millennia, the one who had been killing us, the one who had been enslaving us, the one who had been humiliating us, the one who had been dominating us to assert himself, the one who had been appealing to us with a view to triumphing over us, the one who had been embracing us with a view to leaving us, the one who had been looking at us with a view to seeing nothing of what we were. And here, having given birth to wars and bombs, he had suddenly realized that he had given birth to nothing, that he was nothing but a pair of empty hands that were able to do everything but were in fact meaningless.

  • Chapter from the book by L. Reznik

"The Demon sitting"


  • Mikhail Vrubel


 Mikhail Vrubel (1856 - 1910), a famous Russian symbolist painter, who had pictorialized Mikhail Lermontov's romantic Caucasian poem "The Demon". This demon is a powerful fallen angel, a spirit not so much evil as suffering and sorrowing, who had fallen in love with a mortal woman.

Read  "The Demon"  poem in English (downloading pdf file).

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"Hallelujah – praise ye the Lord!!!"


  • Alexander Rekunenko
  • Ludmila Reznik


Painting "Hallelujah – praise ye the Lord!!!"

 Monad has manifestation in Manas, Buddhi, Atma. They are Her three ring systems: throat - sacral centers, heart - vitality and mental - kundalini centers. Thus, Baby Christ sitting on Maria's knees in "Worship of Magi" fragment - is the Christ of Manasic level. The symbol of Manas is a Rock where He's born in the cave to Maria (Third Ray) the Virgin. In this fragment the cave looks like a black space. The three Magi who brought the gifts symbolize the three levels of Spiritual Triad.

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About Ascending meditation

1 June, 1984
  • Karachay-Cherkessia, Caucasus, Russia


Painting "The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush"

 You have got a vision of seven manifestations of Hierarchy. It is not merely a sign of reality of the Hierarchy Beings, it means that you have acquired the ability to become homogeneous with Them. When the Hierarchy Beings reveal Themselves, They initiate you into Them. We may say that they are the entity of your Soul.

They show themselves when you are ready to accept intensive initiate energy currents. It takes time for the corresponding chakra to adapt to the intensive vibration of these currents, it will build up antahkarana until clue to a regime of reverential service it becomes ready to turn into the centre of Hierarchy Soul, the centre of Hierarchy Being. That is how the process of building up antahkarana looks like.


  • Chapter from the book by L. Reznik

Lakshmi is the Goddess of the Essence of the Christ, sitting in lotuses

12 September, 1988
  • Gurzuf
  • Crimea - USSR


       The Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on a lotus and holding lotuses in her arms. The lotuses are pink, pink-white... When we imagine a lotus and the Goddess of lotuses, the wife of Vishnu, we really see the Lotus. It means that we perceive the energies which come to us from the Space, but we perceive these energies in a lotus-like way. We turn them into a living, petalous aura...
        Why Lakshmi is the Goddess of the root or the Essence, the Goddess of the root principle of Christ? Because the Christ is the transformation of energy into Life. It is the transformation of any manifestation into the eternal Breath. Transformation by refinement, through the higher delicacy. Owing to its pale-pink, exquisite, alive, petalous principle.

  • Chapter from the book by L. Reznik

"From life - to Life!"

The book "From life - to Life!"

Book in the series "Revelation of Mystery"

Author - Ludmila Reznik

  • Book by Ludmila Reznik (main page)

About demand

5 June, 1984
  • Karachay-Cherkessia (The Caucasus)


 So today Luba again started the discussion on the subject of demand. She has got it: she works with the books, seeking for knowledge, she likes Light, enjoys it, waiting for it to come, doing her utmost to continue meditation. But when difficulty arises, she begins to demand. First she is timid, then becomes more persistent. While she is modest, and begging - she deserves help. But being continuously fed she becomes offended, proud, tense, representing lower Capricorn that is trying to achieve the peak of Light (Luba's zodiac is Capricorn). She doesn't understand yet that lower Capricorn will never accept Christ, because Light cannot come through coagulation, it cannot come through rigidity.

If a man lived through all his life without being demanding to somebody or something he would be saved.

  • Chapter from the book by L. Reznik

Commentaries to apocryphal "Magdalene's Gospel"

5 May, 1984
  • Moscow


        Today during the morning meditation there came a comprehension of a phrase from “Magdalene’s Gospel”: “Eve wished Adam only for herself”. That wasn’t a wish of allegiance within a couple or a protest against “free” relations. It was not the establishment of a moral law of the two, otherwise Eve wouldn’t be called a “faithful servant of Devil”.

         Eve didn’t want Adam to associate with the “heavenly orders”. How can he accept the higher energies of Manas-Buddhi-Atma when he has to organize “labour and wars” on Earth!? 

  • Chapter from the book by L. Reznik


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